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“Waygukin” is the Korean word for foreigner. I’d prefer the word “expat.”  1.5 million foreigners live in South Korea. Nearly half are Chinese, 9.3% of those are American, while many Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese call Korea “home” as well. Either way we’re here to stay… and often bored and drinking. So why not a festival?

Korea International Expat Film Festival, or KIXFF, is the only expat film festival on Earth. KIXFF is for low-budget independent filmmakers focusing on the expat film movement. Nearly 50 films in three days. Telling stories without borders. 2015 was the inaugural year for KIXFF.

1st Expat Film Competition In The World

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  • Kevin Lambert
    Kevin Lambert Festival Director
  • Marc Raymond
    Marc Raymond Program Director
  • Rosalyn Laiken
    Rosalyn Laiken Marketing Director
  • Pablo Fuentes Gómez
    Pablo Fuentes Gómez Art Director
  • Stella Kim (김현숙)
    Stella Kim (김현숙) Board Member, KR Press Relations
  • Lynne van der Merwe
    Lynne van der Merwe Event Coordinator

KIXFF Judges

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell USA

    Christopher Jason Bell is a former critic for the blog The Playlist and an active filmmaker.
    His first feature, THE WINDS THAT SCATTER premiered at Northside Festival and went on to play in Madrid, South Korea (winning Best International No Budget Feature Film at the KIXFF), Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, and numerous places in the USA. His latest short film, ONE TIMES ONE, premiered on Filmmaker Magazine.

  • Kyoungmi Lee
    Kyoungmi Lee Korea

    한국예술종합학교 영상원 영화과 졸업
    미장센 단편영화제 심사위원

  • Pierce Conran
    Pierce Conran

    Producer, writer, film critic and consultant Pierce Conran teamed up with Director Lee Sang-woo to form 2Mr Films in 2014, through which he has produced seven feature films to date. In addition to producing he also wrote the NAFF-awarded feature project Cannibal Granny, worked as a writer on a French-Korean TV mini-series treatment with Director Kim Jee-woon and consults for American production company XYZ Films.

    As a journalist, Pierce continues to write for the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), Time Out Magazine and ScreenAnarchy in addition to working as a programming consultant for the Fribourg International Film Festival.

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