Horror| Suspense | Thriller

Charlie, Charlie

by Matt Root

Short | 10:30 | Country of Origin: Korea, Republic of | 2015 | Language: Korean

“Charlie, Charlie are you here?” These were the words that changed the life of Young- Min as her torment from an evil spirit begins.



About the director


What was best experience in making this film?

We really enjoyed getting to work with very talented young actresses who were working with a non-Korean production team for the first time in their early careers. They were all very energetic and fun on set, yet very much in character and serious when the lights were on and the cameras were rolling.

In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

Arranging the schedules and time allotted for shooting helped me grow as a film producer. The more experience gained in arranging complicated schedules, the more satisfaction I feel in moving forward for larger projects.

What does this film contribute to the greater good?

Who said anything about our film being part of the “greater good”? ^^ I just hope we were able to create and capture an unsettling feeling of the unknown, which is, I believe, one of the cores of good suspense and horror films.

Screening Info

Date and Time:

Friday, September 09 | 8:15pm Р10pm


EMU Art Cinema, Classroom C

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