Mockumentary, Music

De Bomen Volknoise

by Sander van der Eijk

Documentary Feature | 75:00 | Origin: Netherlands | Filming: Belgium | 2015 | Dutch Language

De Bomen Volksnoise, is a no-budget, direct cinema comedy. The life of Dutch underground musician De Bomen (the trees). Living a solitary live in the Belgian university town of Leuven. Surrounded by and interacting with the trees, drinking Belgian beer from dusk till dawn, and recording Volksnoise, a combination of folk and noise music, in his musty cellar. An off beat comedy, that is both a celebration and a critical view of marginalized life and (underground) art. Filmed with an iPhone 4. Best Feature Film at the Seoul International Smartphone Film Festival 2015.

About the director

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What was the best experience in making this film?

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In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

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What does this film contribute to the greater good?

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Screening Info

Date and Time:

Saturday, September 10 | 2pm Р4pm

Saturday, September 10 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Deutsche Schule Seoul – Gallery [DS G]

Screenings / Awards

Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival | Seoul, Korea, Republic of

September 01, 2015 | Best Diaspora Feature

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