No Budget Feature


by Francisco Joaquín Paparella

Drama| 1:15 | Argentina | Argentina | 2015 | Spanish

A portrait of Zamora, a rural worker exiled in Patagonia in a town that suffers feminicides of teenagers thrown into ditches once dead.
Through hard work, Zamora intends to expiate his guilt.


About the director

Paparella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984. He moved to the Patagonia at the age of five. At seventeen years old he returned to Buenos Aires to graduate as Film Direction.
In 2009, he established his independent production company, Río Azul Films, through which he produced in México FINDE, directed by Matías Penachino, and ÁNIMA, by Antón Terni.
In 2013 he directs, produces and writes ZANJAS, his first feature in the Argentinian Patagonia.
Simultaneously, Paparella is looking for funds for his more ambitious project, SUDESTERN. A modern western about Butch Cassidy, winner of the Parke Avenue award at the New York Screenplay Contest 2013 & INCAA’s contest Raymundo Gleyzer 2012.

What was the best experience in making this film?

The process of making ZANJAS was a kind of emergency. I was in the need to shot my opera prima, so we write the script, pre-produced and shot it all in two months. It was exhausting. The whole team suffered a lot because of the low temperatures and risky locations, but we make a great effort and after three weeks of shooting, we knew we had a complete indie piece.

In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

I’ve been working in filmmaking since I’m 17 years old, but I can say I’m a Director since I finished ZANJAS. The whole process of decisions made me rethink the cinema from zero. And every time I see the film again on the screen I analyze the framing, the momentum, the acting, the music, the sound… And I understand why I took one decision instead of another and that makes me grow as a filmmaker. Now I know the next film I want to have more time to prepare the absolute scene, but I also know that I’ve got the possibility of improvising under a solid structure of a script, and that’s what I understand I like to do. To set a scene, choose the only framing for it and let the actors -or non-actors- to transmit the essence of the action.

What does this film contribute to the greater good?

ZANJAS is a portrait of a character. Is an exam of the corrupt interior of Zamora, this rural worker in a town that’s is suffering femicides of teenagers thrown into ditches once dead. I think the film contributes in represent with realism and simpleness the way of life of the people in Patagonia, and it gives a perspective of what kind of things take place in this remote lands.

Saturday, September 10

2pm – 3:15pm

Deutsche Schule- Auditorium

Saturday, September 10

7:45pm – 9:01pm

Deutsche Schule- Classroom 2 (C2)

Screenings / Awards

Raindance Film Festival | London, England

Korea Intl. Expat Film Festival | Seoul, Korea

Asian Premiere

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