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Shorts made by Expats from all over the globe

Expat Shorts

The Flip

Chung Lam | United States | Chinese language | 22 minutes

Eddie, a young Chinese-American boy, wants nothing more than for his mother to attend his school’s talent show and watch him perform “the flip,” a fancy cooking technique that he’s trying to learn just for her. But when tragedy strikes, Eddie ends up using it for a different purpose, perhaps a more deserving purpose.


Enrique Amador | Spain and Taiwan | Spanish and Chinese language | 20 minutes

Sunday, Sept 11 | 2pm – 3:15pm |Deutsche Schule Auditorium

Sunday, Sept 11 | 4pm – 5:15pm |Deutsche Schule Gallery

Madrid and Taipei are 10,000 km away from each other. In each city a woman wants to tell her best friend that she’s dying. Are they four women or only two?

Requiem for a Robot

Christoph Rainer | Austria and United States | English language | 5 minutes

Rob, a worn out robot with a corrupt memory, drowns the sorrows of his ‘screwed’ existence in alcohol and asks himself the essential question: what did he do wrong?


Boubaker Boukhari | United Arab Emirates | No language | 12 Minutes

Karouma is a Unique gift striving to break through and to leave his parent’s nest to live pursue his dreams and live his life in its full potential


Paul Jerndal | Sweden and United States | English Language | 19 Minutes

Two young, lost souls in New York City share a common struggle – they are stuck in lives they do not feel they belong. On the outside they seem like each other’s opposite, but on the inside they are the same- dehumanized by an internal loneliness that alienates them from feeling alive.

Pyongyang Expat

Clemens Helbock | Hong Kong | English language | 19 Minutes

A young Swiss expat recounts his 14 months living and working inside North Korea. A rare insight into Pyongyang’s international community.


Hwang Deukyun | South Korea | Korean language | 7 Minutes | Violence, Sexual Situations

An unexpected visit triggers an elderly woman’s memories of her past as a sex slave during the war.

Laundromat Superhero

Hong Minki | United States | Korean Language | 18 Minutes

A superhero Captain Barkin who speaks with a dog’s voice goes to a Laundromat to wash his clothes. But in there he goes through several strange happenings related to a ferry disaster that caused 304 victims in Korea, 2014.

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