Expat Competition

Midori In Hawaii

by John Hill

Expat Feature| 84:56 | Origin: USA | Filming: Japan, USA | 2015 | Japanese, English

Midori is a struggling wedding photographer in Kona, Hawaii. Her small world in thrown off balance when Seiko, her judgmental sister comes to visit from Japan.

As the sisters travel the island together the reason for Seiko’s visit gradually becomes and old grudges and mistrust begin to surface.

‘Midori in Hawaii’ is a small, breezy comedy that explores the nature of memory and the lifelong relationship between siblings.


About the director

What was the best experience in making this film?

Seeing my friends and coworkers rally around the movie and my vision for it was very humbling. Our shooting schedule was demanding and the crew was mostly unpaid. The best moments were getting to set every morning and realizing “these people are still showing up. They could be doing anything right now but they are here helping me”.

In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

I learned a lot about casting. Our team is based in Hawaii but we had people reading from LA, London, all over the place. It’s amazing how many talented people are out there and it makes casting both wonderful and agonizing. Holding auditions through slightly laggy video chat has its own complications since so much depends on timing.

What does this film contribute to the greater good?

I’ve met a lot of people living far away from their families in order to pursue their dreams. If they stick with it long enough eventually their parents start getting older and new tensions develop between pursuing personal goals and family responsibilities. I’ve seen it a lot with Japanese artists living in the US but I think its pretty universal.



John Hill


Hiroko Kobayashi

Screenings / Awards

Hawaii International Film Festival

World Premiere

Korea Intl’ Expat Film Festival | Seoul, Korea

Asian Premiere

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