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Music Videos made by Expats from all over the globe

Music Videos

Frank Riggio – TTTT

Mert Kizilay

A ride, through the evolution of a surreal landscape, based on the music.

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Jeong Duri : Oh Ajohssi

Yann Kerloc’h

The song and the music video are aimed to be ironic, playing with the voyeur fantasy of schoolgirls.

Music Videos

Goon Gun – Pussy in the Sea

Grigori Ermolaev | Adult Themes

A ride, through the evolution of a surreal landscape, based on the music.

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No Poem – Mayday

Yann Kerloc’h

The band is formed of a French and a Korean living in Korea. The song is a metaphoric poem about the tragedy of the Sewol, even if it’s never mentioned. But it clearly indicates a boat, in April, a drowning and the fear.

O pastor animarum – 1

O pastor animarium

H. Paul Moon

“O pastor animarum” is an original Latin text from the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, translated as “O shepherd of souls,” which forms the basis for this film’s original score sung and performed by composer Bora Yoon. As a music-driven dance film, it explores the crossing of artist and messiah, east and west, land and sea, and religious sacraments. Beginning with traditional Korean dance, drum and haegum, it moves from sanctuary to graveyard to forest to sea, with increasing camera momentum and musical aggression, into a cycle of paschal violence.

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HEO – Sleep Tight

Samuel Kiehoon Lee

The band ‘HEO’ is a Korean indie band that sings in English. The single “Sleep Tight” is part of an album which will be released in September 2016.

Music Videos

Andreas Moe – Step Down From It

Paul Jerndal

In a melancholic inner world of a frustrated girl we experience the fight against our fears of confronting the real world.

Music Videos

Farhad Bazleh – War & Peace

Mojtaba Yari

Jangh o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music video acting in an indefinite country and showing an army officer and his soldiers leaving for war. Whereas suddenly there comes a message that the war is over – now and forever. A dream – that all of us – are living for.

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