Sixty Spanish Cigarettes

by Mark John Ostrowski

Feature | 60:00 | Origin: Spain | Filming: Spain | 2015 | Spanish Language

Sixty Spanish Cigarettes is a minimalist metaphor for Spain’s bleak socioeconomic landscape in which young people see emigration as their only way out.


About the director

What was the best experience in making this film?

Walking about twenty kilometers per day in bad weather, hauling all my gear around on my back, relying on no one for help and blaming no one except me for the mistakes. I highly recommend it to everyone…Completely liberating!

In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

Good films can be made with little or no crew and on a very small budget. It was a reaffirming experience.

What does this film contribute to the greater good?

This film functions similarly to Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” or stories from the Bible. It conveys a message that speaks to humankind regardless of their background or historical context.

Screening Info

Date and Time:

Saturday, September 10 |2pm- 3:16pm


Deutsche Schule- Classroom 2

Screenings / Awards

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival | Moscow, Russia

Best Editing Award

Korea Intl’ Expat Film Festival | Seoul, Korea

Asian Premiere

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