Horror, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy

The Girl With 2 Faces

by Romain Serir

Feature | 74:32 | Origin: France | Filming: France | 2015 | French Language

Clarisse meet Marc, a young surgeon. She spend the night with him in his mansion. In the morning, she realize that she has been fooled. She’s now hold against her will. Marc goes to force her to play the part of his deceased wife. After on operation, he give her a new face. Clarisse become Hélène. But can we erase an identity so easily.

About the director

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What was the best experience in making this film?

The shooting of the film was great. All the team tried to keep the rhythm and it was intense. Two weeks of shooting was short but we were rewarded by the efforts. Some big experience !

In what ways did you grow as a filmmaker in making this film?

I think I’ve learned a lot, it was my first feature. Trying to build up and manage a team. However, I think the most important thing I learn it’s how a filmmaker must adapt his vision in front of the unexpected that he must face during the production of a film. It’s like writing a new working draft of script every day.

What does this film contribute to the greater good?

The film is a tribute to an old French fantasy cinema who quickly disappeared after the beginning of the French New Wave. In France it’s sometimes difficult to speak about some of this films of the 50’s, 60’s, who are not so famous and loved. For me, to make this film, it’s was a way to resurrect a part of our film history. And also, show to people that we can make a independent fantastical film in our country with a very small budget.

Screening Info

Date and Time:

Saturday, September 10 | 10pm – 11:29pm


Deutsche Schule- Auditorium

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