Last year we received a good number of fee waiver requests.

We received so many in fact that I made this happy little graphic:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 19.47.31

Which is still true in some cases, but not true in a large number of cases. So let’s highlight where it’s not ok (because that’s really easy to figure out):

  1. You have the money and resources, but you just don’t want to pay.

So, that’s really about it. You may ask, “How else will I submit to every fest in the world?” The answer is, “You don’t. Choose your fate wisely.” I don’t care how many fests have already seen your film, you have to submit like everyone else. We even had a case where the filmmaker sent us a great little stop-motion film, on a well-made dvd, with a really nice letter. That film was watched, then… ignored. We just won’t take your film if you try to cut the line… sorry.

What about the rest? The films that (might) have legit reasons for submitting a fee waiver request? Well, last year, I asked filmmakers to simply post a short video message to our Facebook page, Twitter feed or to our Youtube page. You’ll be amazed at the number of responses we got…

ZERO. Guess it’s really not so surprising.

What went wrong? Were people just too lazy, or thoughtless? No, I don’t think it was that. For some… sure, that was absolutely the case, but for others, no. The language barrier is a big one. So what will we do differently? How do we get more of these filmmakers to take us up on our offer?


Well, here’s what we’re gonna do…

For the month of November (EDIT: continued through 2016… so it’s ongoing), we’ll give a fee waiver to ANY FILM FOR ANY REASON as long as they post the following to:

  1. Facebook: “(Film name) isn’t just a (GENRE). It’s about (KIXFF-related topic). We love #KIXFF!”
  2. Twitter: “(Film name) isn’t just a (GENRE). It’s about (KIXFF-related topic). We love #KIXFF!”
  3. Instagram (use an image): “Home is where your _______ is. We love #KIXFF!”

That’s it. Those who complete all three, will receive a fee waiver code courtesy of KIXFF. Follow up those posts with links to the posts and an email to Happy Festing!

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